What we do

We take care of the registration of

  • Trademarks for services or products worldwide (national by country, international and European).
  • Trade Names
  • Utility Models
  • Patents, in all countries
  • PCT requests
  • Intellectual Property (Copyright)
  • Records of all kinds anywhere in the world

We conduct the relevant research for

  • Trademarks for Services or Products
  • Trade Names
  • Utility Models
  • Patents
  • Research on all types of registrations that a company or individual may have.

We carry out all types of procedures:

  • Title payments
  • Transfers
  • Annuities
  • Renewals
  • Assignments
  • Oppositions for all types of national or international registration
  • Replies to suspensions created from all types of registration, as well as international ones.
  • Monitoring of trademarks as requested by our clients
  • Royalties

Legal Services:

  • Feasibility studies on the possible exercise of legal actions
  • Requirements
  • Obtaining notarial evidence
  • Expert evidence
  • Urgent precautionary measures in the event of usurpations
  • Contentious-Administrative Resources
  • Civil lawsuits related to trademarks and patents, such as claims of ownership, nullity of registrations, expiration of trademark registration for lack of use, etc.
  • Criminal complaints for the commission of crimes related to intellectual and industrial property.
  • All of this in jurisdictional courts: Criminal, Commercial and Administrative litigation.